Bazes Blades
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Forging Fine Cutlery in Kyoto, Japan

Bazes Blades is a one-man workshop nestled in the hills of Kyoto, Japan. Each blade is carefully forged and ground by hand, with the utmost attention paid to both performance and aesthetics. If you are interested in purchasing a knife, please see HOW TO PURCHASE. My books for full custom orders are currently closed, but if you subscribe to the mailing list, you’ll be notified as knives become available. Members on the list can purchase knives on a first-come, first-served basis. For the latest photographs of my work, please see my Instagram page: bazesblades


Originally from New York, Alexander Bazes handcrafts blades in his small workshop in the hills outside Kyoto, Japan. He strives to create unique, high-performance knives that foster unity between the user and the task at hand. Despite knives being humanity's oldest of tools, we still use them daily. Through them, we engage the material world, prepare meals for our loved ones, and come into contact with our ancient ancestors. For a knife maker, there can be no higher aim than to produce a piece that brings about a sense of harmony in the user, drawing his or her mind closer to the tool, to the workpiece being effortlessly cut, and to the people for whom the work is being done.